What is SRT? 

SRT stands for Spiritual Response Therapy. SRT is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and soul (akashic) records to discover and release buried blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth.  Spiritual Response Therapy is subtle and gentle yet extremely effective. Are you ready to live your life to your full potential?

What does a session look like?

You can choose from the times below and add them to your cart. You will be prompted to pick a time that works best for you. You can call me at your scheduled time and we will begin to prep your high self and and subconscious mind for research. This does not require anything on your end. All I ask is that you are in a comfortable safe space (i.e. Your favorite room in your home) that is quiet. As a mother of three, I am open to having your children around during your call if you are comfortable with it and feel like you can be present with our call. Once we have prepped to work we will discuss what you would like to work on or move through in your life. Maybe you are feeling blocked or as though you are ready to break through but something is holding you back. An example might be that you have been doing everything you can in your job but you still aren't able to move forward or make more money. I will then begin to do the research on my end and share with you what is coming up as we move though it, placing puzzle pieces together. Past lives potentially can come to the surface and you may or may not subconsciously remember or relate in that moment, that is okay. We can still clear the blocks, programs and energies coming up regardless. Since we are both present and conscious (not in a trance or hypnosis) while we are working together, it allows you to learn more about yourself and can feel as though it is "connecting the dots" in your life. It helps us understand why we have been struggling or feeling a certain way about a person or situation. SRT is subtle and done in the highest vibration of love. With that being said, there can be huge emotions that come up, I am passionate about holding space for ALL emotions. I will encourage you to feel the emotions fully. ALL emotions are valid and are an important part of being human and helping you heal. We will move through this together. After your session you may feel peaceful, present or ready to take on life. I ask that you drink a lot of water as your body is detoxing and clearing toxic energy from your physical body as well. Initially SRT can be helpful done weekly or monthly. The more Spiritual Response Therapy you do, the more you will find yourself doing it naturally on your own and you will need me less and less. I look forward to helping you live your life to its fullest potential and helping you to unlock the doors that are hindering your growth. Please contact me with any further questions that you may have or to book your session. Thank you! Lauren